Future Foresight & Innovation

As a product and experience strategist, I help envision the future of an organization through design futures, speculation, and storytelling. ‘Speculative futures’ is a powerful tool for strategic foresight and long term planning to build internal competencies (people), technology capabilities (products and platforms), and set up innovation programs to position your organization for leadership in the changing industry ecosystem and technology landscape.

Imagining the future of Digital Telecom in 5G era

Future of Telecom was a series of thought leadership and storytelling presentations prepared for executives (SVP, VP, CDO) at Rogers, Bell, Telus and Freedom Mobile as my role of Director of Design & Innovation. I led these explorations with a team of designers to imagine the future of Telecom in the 5G era and explore 6 different use-cases for consumer and enterprise space. Research involved scenario mapping, trendspotting, extensive literature review, storytelling and concept mockups for digital experiences.

This work won a lot of conversations and strategic visibility for the company.

An adaptation of this work was presented as a webinar.

Future of Architecture

Future of Architecture

What is the future of an architecture firm in the rapidly changing technology landscape and innovation?

Client – Archcorp, Dubai 

Future of Architecture was a concept developed for an architecture firm exploring the role of future architecture firms with the changing technology landscape with 3D printing, ever changing landscape of design tools and artificial intelligence.

Worked with the firm to paint a picture of Future of Architecture building on the latest technology trends related to building design and construction. The concept covered advancements in:

  • Concept generation
  • Co-creation in Architecture
  • Simulation and Design Softwares
  • Radical team collaboration using Flux by Alphabet
  • Aerial site monitoring & inspection
  • Visualization software (Mixed Reality)
  • 3D printing
  • Connected buildings
  • Regenerative design

Vision to launch of an incubation center for #1 engineering university in Pakistan

Worked with National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan’s, oldest engineering college (electrical & mechanical engineering) to envision a new innovation center (spoke of the central hub). Collaboration with university administration, architects, alumni and my design firm.

The concept incorporated the core engineering strengths, labs, infrastructure as well as the military’s core endurance training programs to breed the next generation of technology entrepreneurs taking inspiration from Stanford D. School and Startup Nation – Israel.

Website: http://ice2.org

Helping farmers improve crop yields using smart sensors and agronomic decision support system

Product Consultant, Cropmatix, AgriTech startup in Poland & Pakistan

Supported the startup in conceptualization phase to conduct market assessment, technology benchmarking against major suppliers globally, conduct literature review, agronomy research, early customer identification and use-case generation.

I served as a key member of product team to support the startup in it’s beta release in Polish Strawberry Farms. Key areas of help included:

  • Product Research
  • Use-case documentation
  • Competition Benchmarking
  • Early Customer trial support
  • Product marketing collateral creation
  • Business model generation

Helping commuters find economical rides conveniently

Conceptualized the startup to solve problems of urban mobility in dense cities providing easy access to economical transportation such as auto-rikshaws. Conducted extensive user research to interview 100+ rikshaw drivers in multiple cities to understand their pain points. Developed early service prototypes to test the concepts in close communities using landing pages, contact center and door to door marketing. Developed product specs for MVP and worked with developers to get the product to market.

Co-Founder, BOLT, a ride-sharing startup of The Founder Institute 2015

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