Six Things To Consider before you ‘Startup’

Lessons from Pakistan I begin with a disclaimer that I am not, by any means, a successful entrepreneur – I’m still dabbling and learning four years down the lane. There are many things that people learn about entrepreneurship from books, articles, TV shows and gossip, this note isn’t about them. It is about things thatContinue reading “Six Things To Consider before you ‘Startup’”

Policy Perspective: Digital & Financial Inclusion in Pakistan

Written in September 2018. Original post on linkedin I have put together my thought’s on the subject from Digital & Financial Inclusion perspective based on our work at IDEATE to improve several Government Digitization projects (examples BISP, Punjab Kisaan Program, Healthcare in Public Sector). I will follow up with another article in this series about the role of HumanContinue reading “Policy Perspective: Digital & Financial Inclusion in Pakistan”